Warmer Weather means Snakes!

Spring is here and the weather has warmed, that means the snakes who were hiding underground to conserve body heat in their cold-blooded bodies are starting to emerge and that means you’re going to find them in your home, your pool screen, your yard, and place of business.

Never fear, most snakes are harmless. They simply want warmth, water, and food. We do not recommend that you attempt to determine what type of snake you have, we’ll do that for you.

If you see a snake of any sort call Austin Raccoon Removal, we have experienced staff members who specialize in the removal of snakes and can often send someone out the same day to locate and remove the snake plus place traps around your property to catch any others.

Call us today or contact us from our website to set up a free evaluation to get any wildlife problems you’re having under control!



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