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Africa is home to the world’s most iconic wildlife. But illegal poaching may destroy it forever. Our goal here at GeoAfrica is to make the public aware just how beautiful and important our native animals are here in Africa and how we need to make it everyone’s goal to protect and support wildlife control for our beautiful country. If we do not actively take part in the protection of these animals, they may not be around one day for our future generations to admire and care for. Poachers threaten our native species of animals every day here in Africa. The black Rhino population is down 98% since 1960. The poachers are illegally killing and destroying our beloved native animals, we do not want Animal Removal in Africa, and we want to keep our native species here where they belong! Due to this illegal hunting the Mountain Gorilla species is now less then 900 in the entire continent of Africa, without our help and support the Mountain Gorilla Species will soon be extinct. The African elephant population declined nearly 35000 last year alone due to illegal hunting trips and poaching. The gray Zebra population is now down to less then 2000 in all of Africa due to again illegal poaching. Finally the Lion species population is down to less then 85% of what the historical range should be at. As you can see we have a huge problem here in Africa with Protecting the wildlife Population, that is why we here at GeoAfrica have solicited the help of the Unites states finest Professional Wildlife Control company and wildlife biologist at www.247wildlifecontrol.com to come to Africa this summer to help us seek out these illegal poachers and help protect the wildlife here in Africa.

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